9 witchy things you don’t know about me

9 witchy things you don’t know about me

What? AGAIN! Another self-indulgent Blog Post? Well yes, that’s the content you get these days apparently. I promise this will be the last one though – at least for a long time. I have something more informative planned for the next couple of articles. Until then, I’ll just have a little bit more fun with yet another 1200+ words article where I’m mostly talking about myself.

But at least this time, it’s all about my Witchy Path and Spiritual Practice. So that’s better suited to this space, right?

🌿 Journal Addict

Okay, first things first. Just like many Witches I suppose, I’m quite obsessed with books and journals of all sorts. I mean, at the time being, I have 7 different Grimoires and Notebooks serving various purposes, from recording my Spellcraft in detail to exploring my relationship to the Land, not to forget several Tarot and Rune Books in between.

And the thing is, they’re all in use. None of my journals are left catching dust on a bookshelf. Well, the old and full ones are, but I’m not counting them right now, or else the number would be way higher.

Book of Earth - Pagan Journal

🌿 Spell Craft

Speaking of Grimoires, my Book of Spell is one of my favorite things in my practice. It’s an aesthetic way of recording my witchy workings and a place to express myself creatively – just like in my Book of Earth above, everything is hand-painted and hand-written in there. But it doesn’t stop here: I also see this little guy as an actual extension of my spells, a part of them, almost a condition for them to function properly.

I’m not sure if there’s a lot of witches out there that have the same way of doing things, but basically, the time I spend decorating the pages for a spell is part of the ritual itself, and part of what gives it life. Let me know if you also do something similar, I’d be really curious to hear about it.

🌿 Mindfulness Meditation

I like to meditate first thing in the morning. Wake up, greet the house, feed the cat, grab a cup of coffee, sit by the window, and spend a minimum of 10 minutes with some Meditation Beads in hands. Then I usually start to play with some tarot and oracle cards while planning my day.

Reading this, you’d think this routine is a breeze, but the thing is, meditation has never been my thing until quite recently. I mean, what’s a year and a half of regular-ish meditation in a 20 years span of Spiritual Practice? But to be honest, I’m not sure I could function properly without it now. I know it kinda sounds cliché but meditation, and especially Mindfulness Meditation, really helps me keep my mental health in check on a daily basis. One row of beads at a time.

🌿 Spiritual Wasteland

Speaking of all these years of Witchcraft and Paganism, don’t think that it was just a straight and easy journey from one point to another. There have been bumps on the road, and I’m well too familiar with what’s often called the Dark Night of the Soul. I’ve experienced at least a couple of deep Spiritual Wasteland, without any form of practice and no end in sight.

It’s not easy to get yourself out of that hole and sit in front of your altar once again, trying to pretend that everything’s all right and you still got it. But Witchcraft is a practice, and if short breaks can sometimes be healthy and even necessary, these in particular aren’t. They’re just painful and deeply damaging to the art of Spell Crafting.

🌿 Free Spirit

I’m a true loner in my Spiritual Practice. I don’t follow any tradition, I don’t do covens, I carve my own path through the fog and thick bushes. I don’t bow to any rule except for the ones that I have made for myself.

That’s one of the reasons why you’ll never find pre-packaged rituals or spells in this space. That’s why I usually don’t share most of the specifics of my Craft. I’m pretty sure that what works for me magically won’t be of much use to someone else. But I like to share the artistic part of it though, like creating Wooden Amulets for others to use in their own spaces and decorate their altars.

Green Witch - Wooden Amulet

🌿 Non-theist Witch

I don’t worship or “work with” any deities, not even as an archetype type of thing. It doesn’t seem like there are many practitioners out there with this kind of non-belief and, unfortunately, most of the witchy content available these days usually revolve around some sort of deity. Trust me though, Godless Pagans do exist, and if you’re one of us, I see you.

What I usually define myself to be is an Animist Witch. But here too, there’s much to say about the concept of Animism in today’s witchcraft and how it is viewed by most practitioners. Somehow it’s often overly reduced to “the belief that everything has a spirit”, which bugs me just a tiny bit. Hopefully, that subject in particular could be a good start for another Blog Post in the future.

🌿 Mother Mary

After what I just said, it could be surprising to know that my very first altar was dedicated to Mother Mary. Sure I didn’t call it an altar yet; in my mind altars were only found in churches and coming to life during mass. But I was once a Christian little girl collecting various items that reminded me of her along with some pictures that I got from the hours spent attending catechism. All of these trinkets were lovingly placed on a special shelf beside my bed, where I could go and find comfort when needed.

I am definitely a Godless Pagan today, but I have a lot of tenderness for the kid I was at that time, pouring her heart in devotion and hope.

🌿 Witch Craft

This one might not be a surprise, but creation is truly one of the main forms that my Personal Magic takes. It is how I express myself and my views of the Living World on a daily basis. That’s why I spend so much time drawing and painting every single entry in my Grimoires. That’s why most of the tools I use in my practice I’ve created or decorated myself. My art is in direct relationship with how I witness and try to convey the Beauty of Nature.

I do my best to share it with others – with you – be it through my Witchy Shop or this very corner of the Internet. But what you see being published here and there is really just a reflection of my own practice and what happens behind the curtains, in the spaces where nobody else is watching. I do use Wooden Amulets, Meditation Beads, and Rune Sets all of the time.

All in all, I guess I really put the Craft in Witchcraft.

🌿 Witch Destiny

Okay, let’s finish this list with a good ol’ story, because why not.

Years before I found out about Witchcraft and started my own journey with it, I was around 8 years old and walking down the street, going back home after a typical day at school. As I’m approaching my house, I notice this blond girl staring at me from the other side of the street. She didn’t know me and I surely didn’t know her at all, but nevermind! Completely out of nowhere, she just goes: “You know you’re a Witch, don’t you? You’re a Witch. ” Obviously she was speaking in French, but you get the gist of it.

She completely freaked me out, and I quickly ran to the door trying to forget this weird encounter. But as you can tell, forgetting was not an option and this particular memory got forever stuck in my head.

All right, how about you, Earth Walkers? What are the things that define you as a Witch or a Pagan? If you don’t mind to share, I’d be happy to read your own stories in the comments down below.

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