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Treat yourself with lovely handmade gifts from Wildera Art shop, and keep an eye for promotions while supporting a one-woman small business.

Spring Sales

Spring Sales

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago I had to shorten the duration of the Winter Sales on the shop because of my unexpected absence. Most of my clients didn’t really have the chance to enjoy the massive reductions I was offering at the moment: up to -50% on most of my handmade creations. I was hoping that this could help me to reduce the number of things I would have to bring with me to the USA, but obviously, things didn’t go as I planned.

So I guess it’s time to fix it, right? That’s why a new category has appeared on the shop menus this morning, where you can find all the jewelry and decorations which are available at reduced prices right now. Lots of choices there, so treat yourself! And since the shop isn’t available in English yet (I’m working on it), feel free to ask me if you need any help or have any question, I’ll be happy to answer it.

These sales will continue throughout the month of April, after which I will make a big sorting in the shop to renew the catalog.

Spring Sales! -50% on a selection of handmade creations, made in France with a lot of love :)

And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke 😉 Just a little gift for you to begin this month with a pretty smile on your face!

Winter blessings

Winter blessings

This morning, the very first snow fell here, covering and transforming the mountains around for my greatest pleasure! November ends today with the arrival of a very pleasant winter fairy note ♥

At this time of year, I rarely have spare time to wander outside: the shop keeps me busy and the Yule Lads have once again forgotten to join and help me with my work, packing and sending your orders (maybe it’s not so bad actually: if you think of their mischievous reputation, who knows what you’d get in your packages!). But even if I can’t go outside a lot, I can’t help staring at the dancing snowflakes from my window, being amazed by those tiny flickering shards whirling with the currents in a soothing silence.

Of course, this sweet atmosphere is inspiring my work right now so this morning, a few flakes came to land on creations that will find their place at the foot of the Christmas and Yule trees in a few weeks. I obviously can’t show them to you until the moment of discovery is over, but I wanted to share in a few words a tiny bit of the atmosphere that came in my studio when the snow began its graceful choreography out there.

December is only a few hours away and, like many of you I imagine, I have my head in packaging and gifts, with my shop on one side and to please my loved ones on the other. But speaking of the shop, a small idea came to me as I was watching the snow while sipping a hot drink – an apple, red fruit and biscuit infusion that I adore and highly recommend ?

I kind of want to make a gift to you too, and that’s the reason I’ll be adding a lovely little winter blessing to each and every package I’ll make this month, so you can hang it in your winter tree if you want to, or maybe give it to one of your beloved ones. So, from December 1st until the last sending before Christmas (❄), each order placed in the shop will be gifted with one of the wooden ornaments you can see just below.

No minimum order required to get your winter gift. Think of it as a way to express my gratitude for spending a whole new year in your company 🙂

Winter blessings - A gift for each order placed in the shop

(❄) Mark your calendars: the last shipping of orders (from France!) will take place on Tuesday 19 and Thursday 21 December in the morning. Note that I can’t guarantee that your packages will arrive in time for the D-Day. I do my best to, but unfortunately, it depends on the postal services, and as you guess, they are quite busy in this time of year. So please don’t wait too much if you want to put a piece of Lune de Sève under the tree!