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All about the new creations and Unique Pieces of jewelry and decoration added to the store, as well as what’s happening with Wildera Art shop.

Hibernation mode

Hibernation mode

Winter is coming, and with it, the hibernation of my sweet little shop.

I already told you about the unfortunate change of visa that I’m going to experience next month and the consequences that come with it – aka an extended period of forced vacations for me and my husband. So far, no other changes to declare, all that I said last week is still valid.

So, first things first, I will close the shop on November 17, and the last orders will be sent the following Monday.

Closing the shop at this time means that there won’t be any end-of-the-year sales. So, just as I was saying in my last post, if you’re planning to get some Yule or Christmas presents from my shop, the sooner the better. The same goes for custom orders: you still have a few weeks to work with me, then I won’t be able to create anything more for you until the reopening (which annoys me deeply, despite it not being my call).

Now for those of you who asked me about the publishing of my Wildera Lenormand, don’t worry, I still have it in my mind. My initial schedule obviously doesn’t stand anymore, but I still intend to have it printed and released as soon as I can. I had planned to get pre-orders on the shop by mid November; instead we are going to have a Spring Launch – sounds exciting to me!

I’ll keep posting news about my very first deck here and on my social media platforms, but I’m also aware that some of you don’t use them and would like something else instead. As a solution, I will get back on creating and writing regular Newsletters in the future. This way, you’re going to be able to know where and how to order Wildera Lenormand when the time comes.

So if you’re inclined to it, please go and subscribe here, and I will take care of the rest 🙂

Having the shop in hibernation during the Cold Months doesn’t necessary mean that I will be dormant too (even if my Hermit Bear side finds it really tempting some days).

There’s a few weeks in December / January where I’m going to go back to France and enjoy the holidays with family while waiting for the new visa to be approved. Then, back to our home in Washington State, I’m going to use the rest of my free time to work on different Personal Projects that I kept pushing aside during last Summer.

I’ve got a long list for this, plenty of choice to keep me busy and share different facets of my spiritual and creative life with you. For instance, I still need to organize the inside of Mildred Payne’s Secret Treasure Box to be able to find the Magic Trinkets that I keep in there more easily.

I also want to work on the wood storage chests that I use in the Atelier. The idea came to me right in the beginning of my installation here, that they needed to be decorated to reflect the creations that I keep in. I have this picture in my head of what it’s going to look like; now I just have to make it happen. Besides of all this, I need to finish some wall decor for my Atelier too, and a couple of my Witchy Books and Grimoires are waiting for some updates and new pages.

I’m starting to find the positive side of these forced vacations. So many things to create, and plenty of time to focus on it!

Expatriate update: changing visa and the consequences

Expatriate update: changing visa and the consequences

It’s funny how it’s easy to forget about the technicalities of your residential status when you’ve settled in a foreign country for a while. Once you’ve dealt with all the challenges of the beginning, you start to build your new life and your routines, and soon you forget that you’re here on a visa that is meant to be temporary. At least I did.

But things always end up changing, right? The wind turns, the moon disappears from view, the ocean tides withdraw, the trees let go of their dying leaves… and I happened to learn that my visa will have to go too in a few weeks.

I so easily forgot about me being an expatriate, and it’s now hitting me right in the face. As home as I feel here in this magical spot in the Pacific Northwest, I’m still bound by a piece of paper on my passport and my life here is only permitted by the US immigration laws.

I’ll spare you the boring details about why and how my status will have to be adjusted, but here’s what you need to know, because – of course – this unfortunate news will affect the shop.

Should everything go according to plan (let’s have a bit of hope here), I will get a new type of visa and be allowed to stay in this country. No big international move at the horizon for now, which is really great! But getting the new visa will take some time and (let’s go for the bad bits now) it won’t be one that allows me to work. At least not by its own. I’ll have to get an additional work authorization, and that too, won’t be done in a day.

At this point you’ve probably already understood what it means for the shop. Since I won’t be allowed to work here for a certain length of time, I’ll have no other choice but to close it, and take advantage of these forced vacations to “work” on something else (like getting to the point where patience is my best quality) (or maybe a new Oracle? hmh, just saying).

Last but not least, let’s talk timing and delays. How long will this whole process take?

Please be aware that I cannot guaranty anything, that this is just an estimation, and that… yeah, things change. But for now, here’s what I’m being told: my current visa will be canceled the last day of November, then there’s approximately a two months wait to get the new visa, and after that, another couple of months for me to have a work authorization.

What do you need to remember from all this? Essentially, that the shop will be closed by the end of November (I will be able to confirm the date soon), so if you had the intention to get Christmas presents from my shop this year, I can only apologize and suggest that you place your orders sooner than later. I’ll still be happy to have them ready for you and your loved ones ♥

TL;DR: My current visa is being canceled, I will get a new one and be allowed to stay in the US, but I will have to wait before having the authorization to work here again. As a consequence, I unfortunately will have to close the shop for an extended period of time (approx. 4 months), beginning at the end of November.

Ombres Chimériques – Shop update

Ombres Chimériques – Shop update

Good morning Earth Walkers! Afternoon maybe?

Here we are with a new shop update, one that I am quite passionate about, simply because this time, it is all about Fantastic & Magical Creatures! That means it involves a few of my favorite imaginary beasts like the Mischievous Jackalope and the Rising Phoenix, not to mention a few Horned Ones.

Speaking of horns, this is actually the point where it all started. I was lost on Netflix – like you do on a rainy day – and I stumbled upon an animated show named “Hilda”. I know, it’s probably meant to be for kids, but it’s just so adorable ♥ Plus the Elves are hilarious, and the story touches on environmental and ecological issues, which I appreciated.

Icing on the cake, the show clearly has an animist flavor and it’s always a real treat for me when animism is brought to the table in one way or another.

Anyway, why was I talking about horns again? Oh, it’s because of one particular character in the series: Twig, Hilda’s companion Deerfox. Yep, you got it right, it’s a Fox . With Deer Antlers on the top of his head. And I loved him so much that I had to draw and burn my own version of a Deerfox while binge-watching the episodes.

Then I created a Deerwolf, and a Horned Owl, and I sketched a Jackalope under a Crescent Moon… A few hours later, I ended up with a collection of Fantastic Creatures on the coffee table next to me. I had my theme for the next shop update.

As usual, one click on my Douglas Fir friend right up above will bring you to the shop, where you can find these Unique Pieces. I hope you will like them as much as I do.

Tell me in the comments below, what is your favorite Magical Creature? What would you be if you could suddenly emerge from a daydream and become one?

Classic Ogham & Rune Sets

Classic Ogham & Rune Sets

Some of the Divination Tools I like to use are my trustworthy Ogham and Rune Sets. I possess a few of them, made from different material, and I tend to use each of them for different purposes. My Seven Seas Ogham set for instance, made out of beach glass that I gathered on holidays, is used in a completely different manner than my Tiger’s Eye Set.

But the ones that I love and use the most – and it’s not that hard to guess – are the ones made out of wood. I created several sets for myself and for friends over the years, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that I also made some that ended up in the shop. Along with the Wooden Boxes and Amulets, it’s one of the things I just love to craft.

The thing with my Ogham and Rune Sets is that I usually decorate the back of each piece of wood, which I believe make them really unique. But as for now, I’ve added more Classical Sets to the shop – nothing but the symbols on it – which doesn’t mean that they are not as special, or made with less intention than the illustrated ones.

Let me tell you about how I craft them. To do so, I carefully burn each piece of Birch Wood, one by one, usually while chanting the different names of the Runes and Feda. When I’m done, I set them in a handmade organic cotton pouch, where they will comfortably wait for you to get them.

Though these classic sets themselves are quite common, each of the little bags that accompany them are unique, decorated by myself with some floral hand-drawn designs and a small Wooden Amulet attached to it, inspired by the moment. They are then randomly chosen to go in your package when you order a Rune or Ogham Set.

Also, did I tell you that they are eco-friendly? I made a point to use sustainable birch wood for the pyrographed pieces and certified organic cotton for the bags they come in. Having a responsible approach while crafting Spiritual Tools matters to me as much as it does to you, and I want you to enjoy adding a New Companion to your divination toolkit without any guilt or concern.

The shop is OPEN again!

The shop is OPEN again!

It’s been a journey. I mean it, it’s been a year-long journey. But here we are, finally, and I’m so excited about it that I literally can’t stay in place right now. I started to write at my desk upstairs, then switched to my morning table beside the window (the very spot where I usually find peace – but not today apparently), and finally moved to the couch, where I’m now enjoying a sweetilicious cup of coffee (’cause you know, it won’t do much more to my excitement levels at this point).

Anyway, you know why I’m so happy right now, you read the title before arriving here, am I right? 🙂 So, here we are, the shop is open! Now, what’s available right now? Let’s have a look, shall we?

For this first series, the idea was to work around the Moon and include it on each design that I drew, as a not-so-hidden reference to my very first Atelier and Shop, called Lune de Sève. Don’t ask me exactly why I chose to work that way; it was just an obvious thing to do at the time. It’s kind of like lightning a new candle with the last one you used. There’s Pure Magic in the continuity of the act performed. And I want Magic for Wildera, that’s for sure.

All right, let’s enjoy some pictures! And here comes the first Creative Mosaic, including every piece of jewelry and decoration I listed so far. Anything that catch your eye, click on my Douglas Tree friend below and find them in the shop – hopefully before anyone else since each and every little thing you see here must be considered as Unique Pieces, never to be recreated again in the future.

The next shop update will be announced on my social media platforms (links are on the right side of your screen; come and join me there too!). It should happen in about ten days or so, and I’ll be sure to post some pictures of the next batch of creations before this, as well as some Work in Progress and previews. In the meantime, I hope you’ll appreciate the content and enjoy the first days of the new shop with me!