[ Video ] Welcome to my Youtube Channel! (and other news)

[ Video ] Welcome to my Youtube Channel! (and other news)

Yes, you heard it right, I really opened a Youtube Channel. How did that happen? I have no idea. It’s one of the many projects I had in mind for a while – not to the point that I had to materialize the idea immediately, but still. I was thinking about it lately, gathering notes and ideas about the type of content I would like to make if I were to open a new space on this platform. About the purpose a Youtube Channel would have in the context of my Artistic Work.

And to be totally honest, I still haven’t figured it out entirely. I have a good idea of what I would like to do and try, like filming parts of my Creative Process that I usually don’t show that much, unveiling what’s happening behind the scenes, when I’m working on my own in my Atelier. I’d like to share more of the Magical Place I live too because, well, it is at the essence of my art. It’s my main source of inspiration, the Sacred Well I draw upon to create what I create.

There is so much Beauty in this World, and if there’s one thing I can say for sure, it’s that we all need more of it in our life, especially during these times.

I’m also hoping to allow lots of space for surprises and discoveries along the way, and basically see where this new journey will bring me – bring us. It’s a new path that’s opening right ahead, and it would be a shame to put some blinds on or try to shape the road with preconceived ideas and expectations. I’d much prefer to find out the kind of gorgeous flowers and bushes we’ll get to see along the trail.

But anyways, enough talk about all that, at least for now. It’s time for you to watch the very first video I uploaded on Youtube! And maybe subscribe to the channel too? You know, to show your support? ♥♥♥

In other news, I’d like to take the opportunity to give you a quick update about the shop, its reopening, life as an expat, and everything. It’s been a while since I’ve spoken about it here.

Remember last year? When I was full of optimism regarding the time I’d be able to work again and reopen my shop? In my head, I was like “No worries, two months of vacation in France, a new visa in my pocket, then I’ll have my work authorization by the end of Spring, and everything will go back to normal. ” Well, 2020 happened.

It’s been almost a year now and unfortunately, I’m still not allowed to work and my shop has to remain closed. In any case, to give you an idea of what the future may look like, I’d like to be completely transparent. The California Office Center, which is the office that handles my case, estimates their current processing times at 12 to 15.5 months (instead of 3 to 4 in a normal situation), and it only seems to increase each time I take a look at it. It’s already been 9 months since I submitted my application, but as you can see, there’s no ending in sight yet.

Being in this kind of stasis is disheartening and has discouraged me once or twice. And the thing is, I am well aware that this situation is causing frustration on both sides. I stopped counting the messages I received about it and believe me, I am deeply sorry when I hear that someone would like to purchase something I made because they fell in love with it. I know it’s not fair, showing you pretty things that I have to keep for myself, creations I can’t list in the shop – at least for now – because of some immigration rule I have to comply with.

But regardless of having the shop open or close, I can’t just shut up for a whole year or more and stop sharing what I am passionate about. There’s a balance to be found here.

I really thought things would be over when Fall came, then I hoped maybe for Christmas… Now I’ve kinda accepted that nothing will probably happen till next year. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but you can’t change what you can’t control, right?

What I can control though – at least when we are not stuck because of a lockdown or smothered by the smoke of raging wildfires – is what I nurture and grow with all this time I got on my hands. So first of all, I’m trying to learn new skills. Mostly creative ones, hence the launch of a Youtube Channel. I’m just starting my journey with camerawork and video editing and I got to admit, it’s a pretty darn good thing to explore.

Ouija Board Woodburning

In the end, I just hope with all my heart that you can be as patient as I try to be myself. And in the meantime, well, we got Samhain and a Blue Moon coming up in the next days, so let’s keep the magic going, Witches!

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