7 things to try with your Wooden Amulets

7 things to try with your Wooden Amulets

Wooden Amulets are one of my favorite things to create, which is probably why they make the majority of what I have in the shop right now. They really are a pleasure to craft, from the sketch of a new design to the final stroke of walnut ink. I like their roundness, the feeling of the raw bark still on the side… And they are quite versatile too, with different variations in their diameter.

Here, let me talk you through some of the various ways I use them in my day to day life and Spiritual Practice. Maybe a couple of these ideas will end up inspiring you in some ways!

7 things to try with your Wooden Amulets

🌿 Witchcraft Practices

Use them in your spellwork. I know, I know, it probably seems obvious given that I intentionally name these ornaments “Amulets” or “Talismans”, but I have to mention it somewhere anyway, so I might as well start with this. It’s a huge part of how I witchcraft myself, when the Wooden Piece is the spell itself, and the creation of it a Magical Act.

For me in this particular case, it’s all about intention and focusing the will while burning the symbols and animals on the Amulet. That’s part of the reason why I chant when I’m crafting my Ogham and Rune Sets. With a little creativity, I bet you can use them in your Craft in many different kinds of way, even if you are not the one who craft the support. Maybe used as a charge, a receptacle of the work you’re doing.

Bonus tip: when you consider the spell done, you can release your Amulets and give them away as offerings to the spirits you work with.

🌿 Nature Offerings

This one seems obvious too now, isn’t it? Use them as an offering, a mark of your devotion and respect. On your Altar, in the Wild Wood you visit regularly, on a Sacred Place or, as a customer of mine used to do, maybe hang them on a branch and leave them to the care of a Beloved Tree…

A bit of a disclaimer here. I’m not telling you to trash a Sacred Site, especially if it is clearly indicated not to leave anything somewhere. You can leave your Amulet for a determined cycle, a Season or whatever time frame seems right to you, and then go back and pick it up. Be sure to ask yourself the right questions and don’t forget to ask the place where you intend to leave your offerings beforehand.

Whatever you end up doing, note that I don’t treat my Wooden Amulets with any chemical product whatsoever. The cotton cord I use is organic, and the wood slices are left raw, except for the parts where there is gold leaf, as I need to apply a thin coat of a water-based varnish to protect it.

🌿 Daily Contemplation

Just like the Meditation Beads I offer in the Spirituality section of my shop, you could use Wooden Amulets as a support to pause and appreciate the Living World around you. There is much to say about Meditation Beads uses and I think they would require a blog post of their own, but as far as Amulets are concerned, I also see many different ways to meditate with this type of support.

Maybe you want to work with the symbolism of an Animal Archetype, and having it materialized in the form of a talisman that you can hold and gaze upon will help you to do so. Or maybe just having a little Piece of Nature in your hands awakening your senses will help you focus on the Present Moment. Maybe you are simply more of a visual type of person, just like me, and having an image to focus on is what works best for you.

🌿 Divination Tools

Since we still are in the Spiritual Realm, here’s another idea: bring them into your Oracle and Tarot Readings. I once crafted 8 small Amulets for myself, representing the different Sabbat Celebrations, and apart for having them on one of my Altars when the time has come, I also use them in my Year Ahead spread.

This is a well-known tarot reading that I personally do during Samhain to have an overview of the year to come based on the Seasonal Markers. Including these Amulets in the process just brings a little more magic to it. If you are interested in having these kind of pieces for yourself, let me know in the comments below or send me a message. I’d be happy to create some for you.

Oh, I also happen to have a whole Lenormand Oracle that I made on wood slices, so as far as Divination goes, this collection of little Amulets is quite a big deal to me.

🌿 Arts & Crafts

Personalize them! Once, a friend of mine picked several Wooden Amulets that I made for her, and created this beautiful wall hanging decor, interlacing branches she gathered on her walks, hanging the wooden pieces to it along some Natural Treasures she collected through the years.

This is something I would love to see more, so if you’re up to it, tell me all about the modifications you made on the Wooden Amulets you got from me. Send me pictures, tag me somewhere I can see it… No seriously, I don’t mind at all to see the Amulets I crafted being modified in any way. Just don’t forget to show me how it turned out. I want to know the Creative Soul that you are!

🌿 Home Protection

How do you feel about a Home Amulet? Just like your usual Samhain or Halloween wreath, hang one in your entrance as a Welcoming Blessing or an Evil Repellent, based on your personal preferences. I personally have one at my front door that says “Cat Inside” and can do both: it attracts the cat-lovers and warns the dog-fanatics to keep a low profile if they dare to knock.

Just joking, I don’t mind dogs, or their owners for what it’s worth. But still. This is feline territory. Bewaaaarrrre!

🌿 Car Air Freshener

Well… You can’t really smell the Earthy Scent of the Tree unless you have your nose less than one inch from your Wooden Amulet – which can be dangerous if you are driving at the same time. But still, hang one on the rear view mirror of your car.

With this simple trick, you could either let the Muggles know about your spiritual preferences and witchy tendencies with a bold Pentagram Amulet, or you could be discreet with a way-less-alarming illustration of your favorite animal, aka your Totem.

Either way, it’s just a sweet little thing to offer to the trusty Motorized Companion that transports you every day to your job and waits for you there, whatever the weather. Just think about it.

🌿 Wall Gallery

Another one? I guess that’d make 8 instead of 7 but who’s counting really. Collect them and make a whole wall decor out of them, where Wild Wolves race with Spring Hares, and the Great Bear meets the Shimmering Stars, where Dreams can be born, and Imagination have space to run Wild and Free.

Wait a minute… that’s actually what I’ve done on a wall of my Atelier!

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