First copy of my Wildera Lenormand

First copy of my Wildera Lenormand

As an Oracle and Tarot collector, I’m always excited when a package finds its way to my mailbox. There’s this thrill when I’m about to open the box and discover for the first time the new companion that I chose to integrate into my spiritual journey. Not to mention the fact that, as far as indie decks are concerned, the packaging itself is always made with a lot of thoughts and care, often including all sorts of little gifts and tokens of gratitude.

I mean, the excitation is always real, but this time, you could multiply it by a hundred that it wouldn’t be even close to what I felt when I found… the box.

My day was already great before. I managed to be as productive as I could be, and did all the things I wanted to do before going on an evening walk with my husband. As the Sun slowly descended over the mountains, we picked blackberries together in our “Backyard”, a piece of land and forest close to our home.

We even got to spent some time in silence and stillness, in the middle of tall grass and flowers, watching a doe eating berries on her own from a bush just a few meters away from us. Alert, but not scared. A gentle, serene, and Sacred Moment on Earth.

And then we got home, and I picked up the mail on the way, knowing that I would find inside what I call my Harvest of the Year. Waiting for me there was the first copy ever produced of my Wildera Lenormand. I created this little guy, drawing each card, and here it is, I’m holding it in my hands! What a treat!

As for today, I won’t talk that much about the technicalities of the deck itself. I just want to enjoy it right now, spend some time to play with it, and share a few photos with you. But I have several blog posts in preparation, in which I’ll give more details on the creation of the cards, the different choices that I made to follow or separate myself from the traditional Lenormand system, the meaning behind certain illustrations, plus a few anecdotes that I thought might interest you.

It just arrived and it’s only the beginning of it. Trust me, Earth Walkers, I’m not done yet talking about my Wildera Lenormand!

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