“Woodland Whispers” Collection – Pendulums from the Forest

“Woodland Whispers” Collection – Pendulums from the Forest

Imbolc is at our doors, bringing the promise of a Renewed Earth. Plants are slowly waking up from a Winter spent sleeping, gathering strength before bursting with colors. Buds on the tip of branches are sensing the daily weather, waiting to know for sure it’s safe to expose the tenderness of their heart to the outside world.

The Wheel is gently turning toward a new light, but it’s in the shade of the Woodland Trees that I’ve gathered a new collection of Magical Creations.

First Flower - Wooden Pendulum

As you can tell from the pictures, this collection is focused on Wooden Pendulums, a well-loved Divination Tool of mine that I offer in the online shop. What you probably don’t know, however, is how long a journey it’s been to actually bring the collection to the light of day.

In fact, you may have already seen a few of these pendulums as they were created quite a long time ago now, right before I had to close the shop. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to show them to you properly back then, despite absolutely wanting to. Which is a shame, because I know for a fact that some of you were really interested in acquiring a pendulum at the time and I could not provide.

But looking at the bright side for a minute, the good thing is I had a lot of time to continue working on them and perfect their design and construction. I’ve been able to try and test them in my own personal practice for over a year now, and I have to admit, they’ve become one of my favorite tools to use when I sit at my Altar.

Having practiced a lot with them, I ended up creating new ones in the more recent months, adding their individual voice to the whole, helping to bring a sense of closure to a very weird time. It’s pretty rare that I extend the making of a collection for that long; I usually see it as a Single Entity that needs some sort of continuity in the process to come to life. In the end, this collection is weaving the old and new together, and I’m totally fine with it.

In fact, it’s even more than that. “Woodland Whispers” tells a story of slow-moving from the very first idea to the end of the Creative Journey. When I think about it, about every step the birth of this collection took, I’m left with a feeling of lightness and delicacy, like a gentle breeze going back and forth, caressing Tree Leaves on a Spring day, revealing the soft murmurs they make as the Sun Light dances through the branches.

The collection will be available in the shop when Imbolc comes, on February 1st – only a couple of days away! And if you’re wondering, these Wooden Pendulums are pretty lightweight and will suit curious beginners as well as more advanced practitioners who might want to try something a little bit different and unique.

From the forest to your home, I sincerely hope these Magical Creations can bring the whispers of the trees to you, just like they so gently did for me.

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