[ Video ] Woodland Whispers – Pendulum Collection

[ Video ] Woodland Whispers – Pendulum Collection

Hi there!

The latest collection, “Woodland Whispers”, has arrived in the shop! As you can tell from this video and the title and everything, it is all about my love for Pendulums!

I’ve been working on this collection for so long I can’t even remember the beginning to be honest. But after all the tests and trials they’ve been subjected to, I am very happy to finally be able to offer these Magical Creations to you again.

The weight of these Pendulums is made of Maple Wood, which is one of my favorite types of wood to work with, as it is soft and sturdy at the same time. Also, the scent of it as it burns… So lovely! And as usual, I’ve been working with the most beautiful gemstone beads to bring life and color to these beauties.

Do you use Pendulums in your own spiritual and magical practice? Let me know, I’d be curious to hear about it.

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