Wildera Lenormand pre-orders are open!

Wildera Lenormand pre-orders are open!

I’m going to repeat it just for myself because I still can’t believe it: Wildera Lenormand pre-orders are open! HAAAAAAAA! I’m so excited about this news! And stressed. But mostly excited! Okay, let’s calm down. Whooo!

Quick note for UK residents first (that applies to those of you who don’t live in the US, Canada, or the EU). Due to Brexit and new tax laws, I cannot process orders from the UK through my own website for now.

I’m working on setting up an alternative via Etsy as quickly as possible. I’m very sorry for the delay, but hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy the pre-orders soon too 💛

So it’s Friday, I’m just a bit late to finish writing this post, but this week has been wild!

First of all, I’ve transferred my shop to a new e-commerce provider. I knew it was going to happen at some point, considering that the solution I used to rely on was getting huh… temperamental? capricious? and unfortunately, too generous with bugs and glitches of all sorts.

Reopening the shop felt like waking up an Ancient Dinosaur that’s been hibernating for waaayy too long. It’s tired and cranky, its kneecaps are a mess and it just wants to be an old grumpy creature. So I migrated everything to a realm of stability and efficacy, taking advantage of the fact that I don’t have a huge catalog yet.

But anyway, it’s done now. No more bugs on your side or mine. My peace of mind is back, the pre-orders can go live!

So a new category showed up in the (brand new) shop this morning, Tarot & Oracles (can you tell I do have in mind to create more decks in the future?), in which you will find various packs revolving around Wildera Lenormand.

I had a lot of fun imagining each one of these packs and their contents, taking into consideration the ideas and wishes you’ve sent me while waiting for the deck to be released. I tried to make it fit everyone’s requests and budget. Now I can only hope that you like the way it turned out!

🌱 Seed Pack

Wildera Lenormand - Seed Pack

The smallest pack of all, but there’s as much love and passion poured into it regardless ♥ You can count on that. Now if you just want to stick to the basics, you’re all set with the Seed Pack.

Obviously, the Lenormand Deck is in there, with its 36+ illustrated cards tucked in a sturdy two-part box.

If you’re not aware of the technical details of Wildera Lenormand, it is produced with a 330 gsm matte cardstock, with beautiful gold gilt edging (a nod to the real gold I use in a lot of my Wooden Creations and goes so well with the earth tones of the Walnut Ink).

But you’ll also find something else tucked in the box! I’ve been crafting the cutest tiny Amulets to go with the deck and there will be one sent out with each copy of Wildera Lenormand.

You won’t know which one you’ll get until it arrives in your home, and well, it could be any of the 36 symbols included in the deck really. I hope you’ll enjoy the surprise!

🌿 Moss Pack

Wildera Lenormand - Moss Pack

In this pack, you’ll find everything from the previous one: the deck of cards and a matching Wooden Amulet to keep it company.

What you’ll also get though is the possibility to pick any of the 36 card designs and have it recreated on a slice of Birch Wood to decorate your home, your office… your home office? And when I say any of the designs, I mean it. Just choose the symbol/card that resonates most with you and I’ll be happy to give it life with my trusty Pyrography Pens.

One of my personal favorites is (I’m sure you guessed it from the photo above) card number 4, the House. I actually hung it above my Main Altar as a way to honor my own Home and everything it provides in exchange for just a little bit of care. Shelter, warmth, silence when I need it, comfort in so many ways.

I have a couple other ornaments that are already made and are now waiting for their new owner. I’ll just keep’em cozy in my Sacred Space in the meantime.

🌲 Forest Pack

Wildera Lenormand - Forest Pack

Last but not least, here comes the Forest Pack, where Maple Trees are the star of the show.

I love these boxes. They are handcrafted by a Family Business from Tennesse, and they are the perfect way to store and keep my most precious Tarot & Oracle Decks safe since the craftsmanship is of such great quality.

Unlike the Wooden Ornaments of the previous pack, the illustrations on these boxes are getting the fancy gold treatment, with 22K gilded details added to them. If you’d like to see me (well, my hands really) do the decoration of the Birds Wooden Box, there’s a timelapse video available for you on my Youtube Channel.

The Forest Pack is available in limited quantities: one box for every Guardian Animal found in Wildera Lenormand (Birds, Fox, Bear, Stork, Dog, Deer, and Doe), seven in total. Once the pre-orders have ended, the boxes will be listed in the shop without restriction but Wildera Lenormand won’t be included anymore, you’ll have to buy it separately.

Yes, I didn’t mention it yet but of course, there’s a deck of cards and a Wooden Amulet in this pack too.

🍂 Wooden Set

Wildera Lenormand - Wooden Set

This one kinda comes as a bonus. It is not something that I originally had the intention to sell, but I kept getting regular requests for it. So I’m happy to offer it too, in a way that goes beyond just sharing pretty pictures of it.

I mean, I’m very (very) attached to this creation, and I’d be lying if I said my feelings about the idea of selling it were as secure and straightforward in the beginning as they are today. But if someone is genuinely interested in it and wants to give it a home, then it would be a shame to keep it selfishly to myself. Art is made to be shared and enjoyed and cherished.

Still, Wildera Lenormand Wooden Set is expensive. I won’t try to justify it, but I’ll give you the reasons why.

The most obvious one is the simple fact that a lot of hours go into the creation of the entire set. Most of it is really detailed work on tiny pieces of wood, 36 different designs that take much more time to draw and burn and paint than say a 20 “all-pieces-are-the-same” Ogham Set.

But beyond that, the wooden version of Wildera Lenormand is a deeply personal creation, it is unique, it stands out as a Divination Tool. You won’t be able to find something similar anywhere else (at least not that I know of, and in any case, it won’t be the exact same regardless).

That rarity has a cost. I’m aware that it is not something for everyone and I’m okay with it. I sure don’t expect nor would I wish to sell large quantities of it anyway. If it’s not for you, I totally understand, but please respect the work behind and don’t come at me demanding a lower price because it won’t happen.

Wilera Lenormand - Pre-order now!

All right! We discussed all the different packs available in the shop. Wildera Lenormand pre-orders are open, and I sincerely hope you are as delighted as I am! After all the waiting and delays we had to go through since I’ve started working on this deck and accessories, the journey is finally coming to its conclusion. Or should I say its beginning? 🙂

A huge thanks to each and every one of you for your amazing support throughout this project. From the bottom of my heart. I can’t even describe how deeply grateful I am today to see this very Special Creation come to life, ready to go and explore the rest of our Living World, ready to meet you.

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