[ Video ] Moments of Winter – Pacific Northwest Magic

[ Video ] Moments of Winter – Pacific Northwest Magic

Here in the Pacific Northwest where I live, the Cold Season usually hasn’t much to do with your typical Winter Fairytale. In my corner of the world, you can’t really expect the magic of a snowy shimmering landscape.

White is unusual, but you can always find enchantment in the most vibrant green. Trees soaked with moss and glossy ferns popping from the leaves, leftovers from earlier months. Green is the color you’re most likely to get here, going into the Rain Forest.

At least not until February comes that is. As I was working on this video, a Winter Storm found its way through the mountains and covered the ground in a single Quiet Night.

The snow began to fall and dance with the soft wind. Every creature went silent and I was holding my breath in wonder. Under the light of the Moon and Stars, the only song filling the space was coming from the coyotes looking for their mate.

And in the midst of a peaceful day, a totally different call made itself heard. One that spoke of adventure, freedom, and the magic of stepping into an endless Wintery Landscape…

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