[ Video ] Moon Calendar 2021 – Walnut Ink Painting

[ Video ] Moon Calendar 2021 – Walnut Ink Painting

Hi there!

During the last Lunar Cycle of December 2020, I focused a large part of my painting time on a project that I had in mind for a while. I wanted to draw a Moon Calendar for the year to come, to hang it in my Atelier and be able to see it every day that I walk into this room, be it for work or for meditation at my Altar.

A reminder of my wish and need to reharmonize with the dance of Earth’s Little Sister, our beloved Moon.

To infuse just a little bit of Moon Magic into it, I painted it during the course of a whole cycle, from one New Moon to the next, following the ebb and flow of the Nocturnal Queen, while paying attention to my own rhythm. This project ended up being more than just something that I did for myself.

I also wanted to share it with the rest of you, in one way or another. Obviously, this video is a part of that, but I actually have something more for you. A gift to hopefully bring some Beauty into this new year.

If you wish to, you can go over my previous Blog Post, download this 2021 Moon Calendar, print your own copy and hang it in your home, or stick it in your Daily Planner or Magical Grimoire.

I can’t wait to see the beautiful things you end up doing with it ♥

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