Did you say Morning Routine?

Did you say Morning Routine?

As a small business entrepreneur working from the comfort of home, I have to rely a lot on self-discipline. I have the same amount of daily hours as anybody else, the clock keeps ticking at the same pace, but there’s no one to check if I’m using my time efficiently nor to tell me if and where I can improve myself.

And in fact, as a person, I’m heavily driven towards self-improvement and learning new techniques, tips, and ways to do things better. It sure won’t come as a surprise that I developed quite a few routines to provide me with the structure that I need in my work and my daily life. That’s because I realized over time that things tend to fall apart pretty easily when I don’t pay enough attention to what I’m doing (or not doing) out of simple habit.

Some of the rituals that I rely on to keep functioning properly on a daily basis consist of getting up at the same time every morning (and trying to go to bed the same way), doing a bit of yoga regularly, going out for a Wood Walk at least once a week, keeping Hill House clean(-ish) (and yes, that’s how I call our Home), making sure I have plenty of time to read, play with my Tarot decks, and meditate in front of my Main Altar.

Most of my routines tend to take place in the beginning of the day. I don’t need any alarm to get out of bed, that’s the job of Mr. Pumpkin, and he’s very committed to it. Speaking of my Cat, he’s actually one to inspire me in regards of daily routines. He’s so regular in his activities and has a lot of habits that he keeps doing continuously, day after day without missing a beat.

I am definitely a Morning Person, even if it took me two decades to actually realizing it. I do enjoy the silence, stillness and solitude of the Early Hours; there is something sacred to it. I like to sit by the window to contemplate the city waking up down below, and appreciate the light slowly getting stronger while I start my day with a non-negotiable cup of coffee and my trusty Bullet Journal.

I realize now the whole picture may sound kinda idyllic to some of you, so let me rephrase this. I don’t have kids; that’s a big factor to take into consideration.

I love planning, keeping things square, neat, and tidy. Unfortunately, I also have a rebel tendency that shows up from time to time. If I’m setting myself to do a certain thing at a certain time for instance, I will without a doubt find something else to to instead. I know, it makes no sense to me either. But as a result, I need to pay attention to the delicate balance between planning things ahead but not so tightly that it keeps me from actually doing the thing when the time comes.

All things considered, I don’t really seem to be the most wildly spontaneous type of person. Part of this statement would be true, but don’t be too sure that it just stops here. I’m a Triple Leo, guys. I have a lot of Fire in me, and this facet of my being is expressing itself very loudly in my Creative Work.

Be regular and orderly in your life, that you may be violent and original in your work.

Gustave Flaubert

And that’s the beauty of it. I don’t consider my routines to be creativity killers. Not at all. In fact, I see them as the Sturdy Pillars on which I can rely on a daily basis to find the strength to build what matters most to me.

I see them like a frame, which gives me the boundaries I need. It allows me to have the time and space to enjoy my work the best I can. When I sit at my desk, there are no more rules or limits, things to do or not. There’s just Pure Creation, the feeling of the moment, the desire to try, experiment, improve and express Beauty in whatever form appeals to me, working with whatever tool calls to me at the moment.

Now that I think of it, it’s just like masking tape. It prevents me to paint all over my desk and make a mess out of it, but within that frame, I’m free to choose all of the Shapes and Shades.

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