[ Video ] Wildera Lenormand Wooden Set – A companion to the Cards

[ Video ] Wildera Lenormand Wooden Set – A companion to the Cards

Before I even thought about creating an actual Oracle Deck (which I’ve done by the way, and you can preorder it right now! ♥), with illustrated cards I mean, I created one that’s made of wood.

One of the things that I enjoy most doing wood slice art is working on tiny surfaces. I love working in miniature, reaching for the smallest details that my Pyrography Tools will allow me to create. This particular Wooden Oracle is one of these challenging but oh-so-satisfying creations that I adore to make from time to time.

Wildera Lenormand Wooden Set is comprised of 36 pieces of Birch Wood (my all-time favorite to work with), each and every one of them illustrated by hand with the traditional symbols of Lenormand. This, as you can guess from the video, is pretty time-consuming but also a lot of fun for me to do. It’s also quite meditative if I’m honest.

Unfortunately, I can’t take any more orders for it at the time being, because I want to be sure that the ones already purchased are finished in time for when the shipping of preorders starts. But keep an eye on the shop if you’re interested in it because this Wooden Set is sure to come back in the near future.

And in the meantime, the deck itself along with many other Wooden Treasures are still waiting for you.

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