Sow Seeds of Kindness

Sow Seeds of Kindness

No matter your circumstances, you are valuable and rare and worthy of love.

John Green – Vlogbrothers

If we all experienced and received just a tiny portion of genuine kindness every day, wouldn’t life be even more enjoyable than it is in itself?

Sure, it wouldn’t solve every problem, that’s not the point. But questioning myself about kindness, what it means and how to spread it in the Living World, is part of what keeps me going through the hardships of the pandemic and my almost-one-year-without-work-authorization situation.

So let me tell you about a project of mine related to my exploration of kindness, a little gesture that I’ve been doing on and on these last few months. An idea inspired by a card pulled from a cute mini Oracle Deck called Secret Garden, made by Jessica Le.

Sow Seeds of Kindness. How lovely does that sound? And perhaps more importantly, how do I do that in the current circumstances?

Well if there’s one thing I know how to do in life, it’s making art, and more specifically making it happen on pieces of wood with a little Fire Magic. So it wasn’t long before I turned my wood burner on, grabbed my favorite pens, and got to work. I had this image in my mind of Wooden Amulets that would carry some sort of message, a few words of kindness, a reminder of how beautiful and strong and unique people are.

So that makes one side of these Amulets. The other one I decorated with Flowers and Leaves, without thinking too much about it. I just sat at my desk and whatever design came to me at that moment, I gave it life with my hands and tools. In the end, it’s also a cute way to embrace the very essence of this project: sowing seeds, and making them grow into gorgeous flowers to share with others.

I’m an absolute believer that, in the end really, it’s all about the little things that make life a bit brighter, lighter, and pleasurable. Like when a complete stranger gives you a compliment for no reason but nevertheless, this very simple thing brings you a smile and a feeling of warmth and happiness for the rest of the day.

I’m not the type of person who does this kind of social gesture – I’m awkward in person, and if I don’t know you, that will show immediately and the whole thing will seem very unnatural. Worse, it could lead us to Small Talk, and I am really, really averse to that exercise. But I can draw, and I can write. And I can easily imagine how it would feel like finding a random message of hope and empathy on a random walk outside.

Especially in times of Social Distancing and overall lessening of connection in the Living World.

So that’s what I’m doing right now, spreading Seeds of Kindness in my own bizarre and personal way. I already have a habit of going out for a Forest Walk at least once a week. On top of it now, I take this opportunity to seek and find a perfect spot in the woods, leave an Amulet there, with the hope that someone would find it, and that the few words I engraved on it will bring them a smile or brighten their day, even just for a short moment.

I know doing this has already brighten mine several times this year.

But what’s about the rock? Let’s talk about this rock. It has everything to do with the very first Seed that I left outside, on a Mossy Log kissed by the mid-morning light and covered with Licorice Fern. The perfect spot on the side of the trail, not that far from a stream gently running down the hill.

When I came back to visit this place the next week, the Amulet was gone, and in its place was this gorgeous earth-colored piece of rock.

I took it as a gift and brought it home, once again feeling deeply grateful for the kindness experienced and shared with another Living Being. I continued my walk with a big bright smile on my face, like a child having found the most precious treasure on Planet Earth. And the best thing is, this rock fits surprisingly well in the palm of my hand, and I absolutely love holding it during meditation.

All right Earth Walkers, that’s it for me for today. See you next time! In the meantime, don’t forget to be awesome, and if you feel inclined to do so, spread a little bit of kindness of your own.

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