Runes & Oghams for beginners

Runes & Oghams for beginners

If I remember well, when I first tried to learn how to use the runes, one of the challenges that I encountered was to memorize their names. Yes, it seems a bit stupid, but I didn’t know much about the origins of the runes at the time. I spent my time mixing the Anglo-Saxon appellations while confusing certain names of runes – you know, those who sound too much the same, like Eihwaz / Ehwaz.

So I got an idea the other day, while I was crafting some classic runes sets. I could also design a few sets with the name of the different runes engraved on it, so if you are just beginning to learn the Old Futhark, you can easily associate each name with its symbol. This way you could go beyond the theoretical learning and manipulate the runes while discovering their system, by truly experiencing the energy of each one.

Runes learning handmade wooden set

Personally, if I’d had such a set at the beginning, rather than a stack of abstract signs that I barely knew, I think I would have learned the Futhark a bit more quickly and with fewer efforts. Having a complete visual of the runes and their names when I handled them would have better suited me than to have to keep a piece of paper next to me just because my capricious memory usually fails me.

Anyway, if it’s your turn to go through the learning of the runic system, these new sets are designed to help you in your journey. Especially since they will allow you to quickly realize in a practical way whether or not you want to continue with runes, without ruining yourself by investing in this superb set that you will forget in a drawer two days after its arrival because the Futhark does not suit you at all.

Just a little note concerning the names that I engraved on this sets: there are many variants in the spelling of the runes, and the names usually attributed to them are only proto-Germanic reconstructions, that is to say, not attested. So choices had to be made, but if you prefer one spelling to another, don’t hesitate to let me know when you order a set, I’ll be happy to make the modification for you 🙂

Oghams learning handmade wooden set

If you’re interested with Ogham and its different feda, the exact same thing is now available in shop too: sets that associate name and symbol on each piece of wood that compose them. Please be aware that these sets are created on demand, therefore they require an additional delay before I can send them to you. That being said, I currently have a few sets in stock, ready to go. Since it won’t be the case anymore later, if you want one, now is the time! 😉 

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