Lune de Sève becomes Wildera

Lune de Sève becomes Wildera

More than a month before moving my workshop studio to the US territory, and there’s still a significant change to do, partly because I want to make a small favor to you, my fellow English speakers. Lune de Sève is certainly not the easiest one to pronounce, right? So I decided to change it and to continue with Wildera! ?? 

Wildera Art

Most of the social platforms where you can usually find me have already been updated with their new name. I’m just waiting for Facebook to approve my demand and to let me rename my page so it can reflect the metamorphosis of my brand.

If you’re already on my Instagram or on my Pinterest page, hopefully nothing should change for you, your subscription won’t go away if you don’t want to. And if you are considering to joins us there, here are the new links to follow:


I hope I’ll have the pleasure to see you there soon! <3

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