Classic Ogham & Rune Sets

Classic Ogham & Rune Sets

Some of the Divination Tools I like to use are my trustworthy Ogham and Rune Sets. I possess a few of them, made from different material, and I tend to use each of them for different purposes. My Seven Seas Ogham set for instance, made out of beach glass that I gathered on holidays, is used in a completely different manner than my Tiger’s Eye Set.

But the ones that I love and use the most – and it’s not that hard to guess – are the ones made out of wood. I created several sets for myself and for friends over the years, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that I also made some that ended up in the shop. Along with the Wooden Boxes and Amulets, it’s one of the things I just love to craft.

The thing with my Ogham and Rune Sets is that I usually decorate the back of each piece of wood, which I believe make them really unique. But as for now, I’ve added more Classical Sets to the shop – nothing but the symbols on it – which doesn’t mean that they are not as special, or made with less intention than the illustrated ones.

Let me tell you about how I craft them. To do so, I carefully burn each piece of Birch Wood, one by one, usually while chanting the different names of the Runes and Feda. When I’m done, I set them in a handmade organic cotton pouch, where they will comfortably wait for you to get them.

Though these classic sets themselves are quite common, each of the little bags that accompany them are unique, decorated by myself with some floral hand-drawn designs and a small Wooden Amulet attached to it, inspired by the moment. They are then randomly chosen to go in your package when you order a Rune or Ogham Set.

Also, did I tell you that they are eco-friendly? I made a point to use sustainable birch wood for the pyrographed pieces and certified organic cotton for the bags they come in. Having a responsible approach while crafting Spiritual Tools matters to me as much as it does to you, and I want you to enjoy adding a New Companion to your divination toolkit without any guilt or concern.

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