[ Video ] Wildera Lenormand Flipthrough

[ Video ] Wildera Lenormand Flipthrough

Hi there!

I’ve already shared a good number of cards from Wildera Lenormand, the Oracle Deck I created last year. But I thought I’d give you even more with a full flip-through showing all of the 36 illustrated cards.

As per usual, I painted this Lenormand Deck using almost only Walnut Ink to give it those Earthy Tones that I love so much. It’s a bridge-size deck with a shiny gold edge, coming in a sturdy two-part box. And at the end of this video, you can also have a peek at its little brother, a handcrafted set made with pieces of pyrographed Birch Wood.

You can find more info about the creation of everything related to Wildera Lenormand here on my blog. And if you’re interested in purchasing one, I have some good news: the preorders should go live in my shop in the next coming months!

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