“Star Blossom” – Tarot-inspired Wooden Ornament

“Star Blossom” – Tarot-inspired Wooden Ornament

Once a year, I pick up a favorite Tarot Deck and draw a Major Arcana to inspire me for the next twelve months, sort of a main theme to reflect on and act accordingly. 2022 is ruled by The Star for me, and this archetype has already taught me so much in just a few months.

It speaks of trust, freedom, and vulnerability. It evokes feelings of hope, and the deep-seated certainty that no matter what, everything will be alright and I will find my way through.

Following my usual card-of-the-year ritual, I have another tradition: I grab my paintbrushes and spend a few hours playing with inks, with the intention of creating a painting that will reflect the qualities and values of the archetype I’m working with.

When I’m done, I place my freshly made illustration in a frame and hang it in my Atelier, the room where I spend most of my time when I’m not sleeping or exploring outdoors. Each time my eyes wander to its direction in-between two tasks, I’m reminded of what I’m trying to focus on, I’m being called back to the trail I’ve chosen to follow.

This year’s illustration ended up quite simple, but potent. A single Star Blossom growing undisturbed, enjoying its own space, so little but at the same time, infinite. In fact, I liked its message so much that the original painting was not enough anymore. It needed a more permanent form, burned on wood, that I could share with others who love looking at the stars as much as I do.

Everything will be alright, and you are valuable ♥

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