“Moths & Magic” – Ostara Collection

“Moths & Magic” – Ostara Collection

Four year ago I casted a spell.

One that started with something as simple as a couple lines of poetry, but one that would have the most profound impact. I buried it deep into the Earth, leaving it to the Land I had just moved on to decide whether or not to allow it to grow and spring back to life.

It took many years for this spell to unfold, many seasons before it reached the surface again. It went on a journey through the dark where Moths are monarchs and Magic makes metamorphosis a possibility. It became cold and endured the weather, but in the end, it did grow back, and I with it.

“Stand back and watch me I’m getting ready to unfold! I’ve decided to let my spirit go free I’m ready to become the woman I was meant to be. ” – Mona Lake Jones


I recently realized that despite my love for these little creatures, I don’t think I’ve featured a moth (or butterfly for that matter) more than once in my public work before. It might seem surprising considering their frequent association with magic and witchcraft in general. Think about the mystical Luna Moth for example, which is often connected to Folk Magic and of course, all sorts of Moon Magic rituals and practices.

I’ve been know to include moth symbolism in my own rituals though, so I guess it was about time for me to fill that void and start adding Magical Moths to the shop. Hope you like these pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them!

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