I’m back, finally

I’m back, finally

If I set something aside for enough time, I find it kind of hard and stressful when it’s time to go back to it. And it’s obviously more difficult when this thing is a public one: I put a lot more pressure on myself when people are expecting something from me. Isn’t it weird to come back just like that after all these weeks of silence? I don’t really know how to begin, so please forgive me if my speech is quite confused.

A little over a month ago, I had to close my online shop in a hurry, leaving only a few words on my Facebook page before getting in my car and driving towards Normandy. Today, I’m back home in the mounts near Lyon, and I just want to take some time to explain to you the reasons for this sudden and unexpected absence.

February has been such a complicated month. It began with the loss of a dear family member, Enguerran, my older brother. He’s always been a discrete but curious reader of this blog, paying attention to everything I can have done, imagined, draw and created… He was the most generous person I’ve ever known, and I really miss him.

The end of the month has been a bit happier, but it was equally intense though. I’ve married the man who shared my life and my journey for eleven years now. He’s my daily partner, and he’s the one responsible for the technical maintenance of my shop, among other things. The icing on the cake is that we’re currently preparing for a big move at the beginning of next summer, but it has required going on an additional trip to Paris – I’ll speak to you soon about this project and the changes that will accompany it.

Death, marriage, move. I should have called this article: “How to accumulate some of the most stressful events and experience a thousand diverse and intense emotions each and every minute of each day without knowing when or if things are going to get normal again”. Well, maybe it’s a bit long even for a subtitle, but at least, you got the idea behind.

I won’t talk much more about all of this, but I wanted to make things clear for you, so you can understand why I suddenly had to close the shop like this. By the way, a huge thank you to all of you who left me adorable messages of support. Even if I didn’t find the time to answer to each of them, be assured that I read them all, and there isn’t one that didn’t touch me.

Work in progress

Today, I’m back home, where I found my studio just the way that I left it, several creations patiently waiting on a corner of my desk for the moment when I’ll take care of them. But to be honest, this day probably won’t happen tomorrow or the day after. I’m back in my workshop but my inspiration, my heart, and my dreams have not yet returned to their place.

The Earth didn’t stop spinning with these events, that’s for sure, but my own world has irremediably changed last February, and to just go back to my old ways and routines is not an option for the moment. One step after another, isn’t it? For now, I have a good news for you though: I’ve reopened the shop, and if I don’t want to take any custom orders in the next weeks, I still will be happy to welcome you there.

For now, I’m basically waiting for the muses to come back and settle in my comfy workshop while making it mine again (this means treating myself with a lot of pretty candles, hot beverages, and warm blankets). In the meantime, I just wish that you take care of yourself and those you love ♥

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