About Wildera

About Wildera

🌿 The Artist

Hi there, welcome to my world!

My name is Marine, but you can also find me here and there under the alias Mòrwenna Artio. 

The artist behind Wildera Art

I’m a French artist in my thirties, expatriated on the west coast of the USA since June 2018. I’m currently living near Seattle, WA, in a lovely town surrounded by forests and mountains that I’m getting to know bit by bit, mostly while hiking, wandering and dreaming in the heart of this Wild Nature. 

Creative and curious about everything, I first started with design and graphics, then I studied literature and worked in a library, to finally decide to consecrate my whole time to a project more in line with my spiritual aspirations. That’s when I created Lune de Sève, an online shop showcasing the handmade pagan products that I make. I managed it for 3 years in France before settling in this wonderful region that is the Pacific Northwest.

At the moment of my departure, I was experiencing a huge shift in my personal life, which impacted my way of working and creating on a daily basis. The change of environment that followed turned out to be a great opportunity to completely transform my Atelier, to let the metamorphosis operate, so I could recreate the shop in a new form, in adequacy with the person I’ve become. 

🌿 The Atelier

And this is how Wildera was born, a reflection of my experience in the American Lands, of the natural treasures that I discovered here. A space in which I can share my animist vision of the World through my art, in a time when the recognition and the respect of the Living is more necessary than ever.

In my Atelier

By offering an alternative to industrial production and mass consumption, my wish here is to participate in the re-enchantment of everyday life through artisanal and thoughtfully made products, as well as to raise awareness about the deep beauty but also the fragile balance of Nature. 

I firmly believe that the individual consciousness is the foundation for our collective evolution. That’s why, in addition to jewelry and decorative objects, I offer various tools of reflection and personal development, such as runes, oghams, pendulums, and oracles of all sorts. So that everyone can find their place and thrive in harmony, knowing themselves and the world where we live in. 

🌿 The Creations

Everything is linked, connected, interlaced. My spiritual practice ignites and nurtures the flame of my creativity, and the reverse is just as true. That’s one of the reasons why I work as much as I can with natural and raw materials. To be able to connect with the Natural World when I settle in my Atelier, where the Great Trees are absent and the whispers of their foliage too far for me to listen.

Handmade creation

All the products that make their way out of my Atelier are unique, imagined, designed, and handmade by myself. I work consciously on the different stages of creation, from the original illustration to the pyrography, from the earthy tones of Walnut Ink to the precious and delicate Gold Gilding. 

I also work with gemstones that I carefully choose to combine their color, texture, and reflections to the veins of the wood. What I really want to offer here are Pieces of Nature for you to carry with you on your journey, little fragments of the Beauty that our Earth has gifted us, mirrors of the Enchantment and Magic of the World where we belong. 

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