Wooden Rune Set

Classic wooden Rune set made of 24 pieces of wood, featuring the Elder Futhark alphabet.

Classic wooden Rune set, made of 24 slices of birch wood engraved with the symbols of the Elder Futhark alphabet. A perfect addition to your divination tools. 

• Unique bag 
Each set comes in a one-of-a-kind hand painted pouch to keep it safe ♥ 

• Wooden Ornament 
Handcrafted and unique too! Just like the bags they accompany, there will never be two identical ones.

• Eco-friendly 
Sustainable birch wood and certified organic cotton bag, because it matters as much to me as it does to you.

~ 1" / 3 cm (irregular)
Birch wood, Organic Cotton
6 x 4" / 15 x 10,5 cm

A Piece of Nature made just for you



All the Wildera creations are handmade by me, in my Atelier, with a lot of dedication and passion. I’m a French artist currently living in the Pacific Northwest, and what you'll see here is mostly inspired by the enchanting landscapes that welcomed me.
Nature inspired

Nature inspired

Using raw and natural materials like wood slices and colorful gemstones is essential to me, to be able to stay connected to the earth. Let the magic expand by inviting Nature into your home and hearth with a piece of artwork filled with authenticity.
Gift wrapped

Gift wrapped

Giving you the best experience possible matters to me, that’s why I personally wrap the creations you’ll receive in a lovely and eco-friendly package. This way it's ready to be offered to your loved ones, or you can enjoy it yourself when it arrives in your mailbox.

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