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First copy of my Wildera Lenormand

First copy of my Wildera Lenormand

As an Oracle and Tarot collector, I’m always excited when a package finds its way to my mailbox. There’s this thrill when I’m about to open the box and discover for the first time the new companion that I chose to integrate into my spiritual journey. Not to mention the fact that, as far as indie decks are concerned, the packaging itself is always made with a lot of thoughts and care, often including all sorts of little gifts and tokens of gratitude.

I mean, the excitation is always real, but this time, you could multiply it by a hundred that it wouldn’t be even close to what I felt when I found… the box.

My day was already great before. I managed to be as productive as I could be, and did all the things I wanted to do before going on an evening walk with my husband. As the Sun slowly descended over the mountains, we picked blackberries together in our “Backyard”, a piece of land and forest close to our home.

We even got to spent some time in silence and stillness, in the middle of tall grass and flowers, watching a doe eating berries on her own from a bush just a few meters away from us. Alert, but not scared. A gentle, serene, and Sacred Moment on Earth.

And then we got home, and I picked up the mail on the way, knowing that I would find inside what I call my Harvest of the Year. Waiting for me there was the first copy ever produced of my Wildera Lenormand. I created this little guy, drawing each card, and here it is, I’m holding it in my hands! What a treat!

As for today, I won’t talk that much about the technicalities of the deck itself. I just want to enjoy it right now, spend some time to play with it, and share a few photos with you. But I have several blog posts in preparation, in which I’ll give more details on the creation of the cards, the different choices that I made to follow or separate myself from the traditional Lenormand system, the meaning behind certain illustrations, plus a few anecdotes that I thought might interest you.

It just arrived and it’s only the beginning of it. Trust me, Earth Walkers, I’m not done yet talking about my Wildera Lenormand!

I created a Lenormand Oracle

I created a Lenormand Oracle

Last year or so, I started a Big Project: I wanted to create a Lenormand Oracle for myself. First it started as a wooden set, since it is my favorite tool and support to use in my Craft (whether Artistic or Spiritual), with small pictures and symbols representing the 36 elements of this divination system. But then, as I was coming back to illustration and experimenting with walnut ink on paper, it became actual paintings.

Wildera Lenormand Fox

It’s been a slow process, drawing each card one by one, until I completed all of them. But let me tell you, the day I finished, I sat down on the floor, aligned all the pieces of paper I’ve created side by side, and had a great deep look at the Big Picture. It’s been a long time since I completed a task this extensive, and actually made it through the end. Seeing the whole of it right in front of my eyes was a reward in itself.

There was several personal benefits to gain with creating this Lenormand Oracle. First it brought me back to paper, allowing me to improve my long-gone painting techniques – just like watercolor, walnut ink really doesn’t behave in the same way on paper as it does on wood, it’s like working with a completely different creature. The creation process also taught me that perseverance was a key to get through it and, most importantly, that I had it in me. Last but not least, once I get it printed, I’ll have a new deck to add to my collection and play with. One that is 300% the product of my mind, my thoughts and imagination.

Wildera Lenormand Paintings

I started learning about Lenormand about two years ago and I’ve since used this Oracle System with different kinds of decks, from the Celtic Lenormand to the adorable and colorful Tanis, not to mention the spectral and otherworldly Clair de Lune Lenormand. I never thought I’d make one myself, but apparently, you never know until you start on a whim one day and make it an actual goal in your life!

Anyway, as I was saying, I possess all kinds and sorts of Lenormand decks, with different themes, colors, and vibes. But I think I was missing one, because whether in wood slice form or actual paper cards, I wanted my own deck to be colored in Shades of Earth, and as Nature-based as it could be. As a result, there’s a lot of animals and trees and leaves in it. Which is great, because I also wanted it to reflect my beliefs on Animism and love for Nature Spirituality.

Wildera Lenormand Tree Card

There’s no human pictured in it, it’s all about Flora and Fauna – not that I don’t consider our species part of Nature, on the contrary, I believe that it is our feeling of disconnection to the Natural World that led us to the Ecological Crisis in which we are now. Anyway, as a matter of fact, humans still left traces in some cards of my deck, taking the form of Artifacts (more on that later).

Next step for this project is getting a copy printed by a professional printing company, so that I can play a little more with. I now need a sturdy version of my own deck of cards, one that can pass the test of time and accompany me on my journey as I keep learning about Lenormand. Oh, and I still need to complete the wooden version of it. Unfortunately, I had to start it over and recreate a new set because I had to let the first pieces I made in France when I moved here.

Wooden Lenormand Bear

I’m gonna go do that. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!