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On the Threshold

On the Threshold

First of all, let me wish you a happy new year 2019. May it be as sweet as possible, full of enchantment, poetry, and lots of nature walks ♥

Ok, let’s go straight to the question that many of you asked me, with good reason: when will I reopen the shop? Unfortunately, I can’t confirm a specific date yet. For administrative reasons among other things, but mostly because I realized that I didn’t want to go too fast, and rush the launch of Wildera at the risk of missing out on what my wanderings in this new territory could inspire me for the new version of the shop. I’m asking you to be patient, it will eventually happen. Promised.

Administrative delays are one thing, but if I want to be perfectly honest, I also postponed the reopening because of to my state of mind these last few months. Let’s just say that for me personally, 2018 was an absolute chaos. We didn’t go along right from the beginning this year and I, and I’m really glad we finally said goodbye to each other last Monday. Last year was marked by a really exciting opportunity, but it was also a year of mourning, and the uncomfortable mixture of the two brought back a lot of anxieties and blockages, all more difficult than others to understand and overcome.

As explained in my previous post (several weeks ago now), I initially allowed myself to have a bit of a rest, which included moving away from social networks to fully enjoy a season of discovery and exploration of the Pacific Northwest. Then this resting time slowly became a healing time, a much longer one, as you may have noticed. But I accept it now as necessary in my journey, even if it cost me to have to put aside the shop like I did in order to concentrate… well, on myself primarily. Before I even pictured my branches extending in all directions, I had to actually take care of those broken down in the first place, and firmly anchoring my roots in this new landscape.

Nature cycle

There’s been a few months of absence and silence then, for which I hope you will not resent me, or at least not too much. I don’t really have a plan for the future, which does not sound like me at all, and it should surely worry me a little. But I trust this little flame of creativity that I was already talking about last time, that same one that never stopped burning, and allowed me to continue creating almost daily during this long hiatus (yes, it also means that a lot of things have piled up in the new Atelier, and I’ll be able to show them to you before the reopening).

Even in the darkest days of Winter, inspiration has never left me. It’s been quite the opposite actually. Me moving here allowed for a renewal in my spirituality in a way that I didn’t expect. Coming back to the heart of my belief system and practices has reinforced my creativity and my desire to go further and further with the exploration of these two areas, these two essential and interlaced aspects of my existence and daily life.

Exploring the lands of the Living World that surrounds me, just as much as the landscapes of my Inner World. How about that for a New Year “resolution”? Hmm? 🙂



Summer is ending, there’s a little bit of Autumn emerging since a few days. The smells have changed in a quiet way, becoming more raw, full of earth and burning sunrise. It will be my very first Fall season here, in the Pacific Northwest, and I can’t wait to dive right into it. 

Two months already since the Great Trip. Since then, I’ve been mostly silent here and else. 

I was aiming to share with you my move in this incredible region, to talk about my first discoveries, the radical change of scenery that I was expecting, but also the difficult parts (let’s be honest here, an expatriation comes with these too). In the end, I’ve decided to leave Internet alone for a while, I’ve voluntarily neglected the virtual spaces that I usually haunt just to be able to enjoy my new life in a completely selfish way.

I pressed the pause button, and I simply took some rest. Rather than wandering and losing myself in the social media, I breathed by the shadow of the Great Pines that I met. Rather than spending hours with emails and todo lists, I went outside, I walked on the forest paths and experienced the mountains around. To find myself again, to center and regenerate. To form a relationship with these Lands that welcomed me and of which I am now a part.

It took me more time than I was expecting to adjust to this new environment. I’m not that flexible and even if I did consider the huge changes that should come with the move, I think I can admit today that I underestimated the impact of it. But in the end, the shaking and the metamorphosis that came along were so beneficial to me. 

I must say that not having to post anything was a good thing too. If you’re a content creator yourself, you surely know what I mean: the constant pressure to regularly put out perfect photos with thoughtful captions to get some attention on your craft. Well, being able to concentrate on something else for a moment, or on nothing at all for that matter, has been really helpful. It was nice to put away the bag of thoughts and stress that I usually carry with me all the time (I even found myself dreaming again in the process!). 

I’ve been silent quite a while but I can see now how necessary it was. And it was after all a reflection of the Silence that I encountered in the woods, when I was walking in this Wild Nature. A refreshing silence that soothes, inspires and heals deeply. A quiet time that made me able to gather some energy for the seasons and the challenges to come, and there surely will be some.

I didn’t bring a lot of stuff when I came here: four suitcases for two persons, Mister Pumpkin and his 11 pounds of fur, plus a little inner flame of mine named creativity. Now that Autumn is starting to show off its most beautiful colors, I know that this Summer of silence and contemplation was precisely the fuel that I needed for this fire to start again, but also to allow me to express myself again. 

Lune de Sève becomes Wildera

Lune de Sève becomes Wildera

More than a month before moving my workshop studio to the US territory, and there’s still a significant change to do, partly because I want to make a small favor to you, my fellow English speakers. Lune de Sève is certainly not the easiest one to pronounce, right? So I decided to change it and to continue with Wildera! 😉🌿 

Wildera Art

Most of the social platforms where you can usually find me have already been updated with their new name. I’m just waiting for Facebook to approve my demand and to let me rename my page so it can reflect the metamorphosis of my brand.

If you’re already on my Instagram or on my Pinterest page, hopefully nothing should change for you, your subscription won’t go away if you don’t want to. And if you are considering to joins us there, here are the new links to follow:


I hope I’ll have the pleasure to see you there soon! <3

Reach for the sky!

Reach for the sky!

Ok, so… I have a big announcement to make. I mean, a huge one. And as usual, I don’t really know where to begin. Maybe I can start with a pretty photograph so you can have some sort of clue on what this is all about.

Destination: Pacific Northwest!

Yep, just came back to my workshop, and here I am, preparing myself for a trip. I’m quite busy with all th…

– A trip, really? That’s your idea of a huge news?
– Ok, ok, just… give me a minute.

So maybe you’re already aware that by the beginning of next summer, my tribe and I are going to move…

– Come oooon! Spill it out!

We are going to move to the United States and actually live there for a couple of years!

And of course, this big change implied that I’ll be taking my work and my shop with me. A part of it, at least, since I have to be very selective about what needs to come with us on this adventure. But yeah, now that I said it, I can start to breathe again.

It isn’t an idea that has just popped out of our mind in the last couple of minutes, but I didn’t want to talk about it here before I was sure without any doubt that we were going to do this. I’m kind of superstitious when it comes to big projects like this, and I rarely speak to more than one or two people about it as long as I’m not absolutely sure of the outcome (and they had to listen to me and bear my moods during all the progress of the situation ^^ ). The other reason is that I kept thinking about all the consequences of an announcement like this one if it just ends up canceled. I’d probably just feel pretty uncomfortable if that were to happen.

But today, I have enough certainties: our visas have been approved by the American embassy and the fly date is pretty much set. All seems ready for the Great Trip, I just need to sort and pack my things (and here comes a massive amount of work to do, I shouldn’t even be here rambling about it). Anyway, if everything follows our plan, by the end of June, USA here we come!

What will this move change for you, you ask? Until now, even if I’ve always taken orders from all over the world, the online shop was only available in French. Yeah, sorry about that 😛 But here comes the good news, I’m working on an English version so I can welcome you in as you deserve. On the other hand, I’ll probably have to close the shop for a few months when I’ll arrive on the US soil because you know, I need to get authorizations and licenses and stuff to be able to work properly in my new environment.

Anyway, another change for you will concern the shipping costs and delivery times. You guessed it, American people, that’s a win for you!

Preparing for a trip

I can’t describe you how much I’m excited about this move, and I can’t wait to tell you my stories here, on the blog. Surely I’ll be talking to you about my journey, with all of its challenges and victories, not to mention all of the discoveries and meetings that I will surely make once I’m settled there. I can only invite you to join me on social medias if you haven’t already, and especially on my Instagram accounts, where I speak English (or at least, I try to, ahah) 🙂

It’s a well-thought-out decision, but even if I’ve taken the time to consider all that needed to be considered, it’s still a leap of faith. It asks me, amongst other things, to delay or even give up other projects that I care about, without really knowing what I will gain in exchange. But to be fair, it’s mostly a great opportunity and it would have been totally stupid to say no when it came into our lives.

Plus, on a strictly personal level, the time – in a certain way – fits for me, as I’m looking for a way to change my World. I can definitely see myself planting my roots elsewhere for some time and rebuild something different after the tough weeks I’ve been through.

As for Lune de Sève, I have the feeling that I will start from the beginning, but with my first experience of entrepreneurship as a big help. I start again, but with the craving and will for more authenticity, I want to create more in agreement with the person I’ve become, letting my higher self be more expressive. The winds of changes are here and I want to rebrand my shop and business by thinking about what I can and want to give more to others, keeping a wish in mind: that Beauty and Imagination continue to inspire those they touch.

I’m moving to America, and it’s a great transition, a new beginning and without a doubt, it will be an adventure! I sincerely hope you’ll be there, sharing it with me ♥

I’m back, finally

I’m back, finally

If I set something aside for enough time, I find it kind of hard and stressful when it’s time to go back to it. And it’s obviously more difficult when this thing is a public one: I put a lot more pressure on myself when people are expecting something from me. Isn’t it weird to come back just like that after all these weeks of silence? I don’t really know how to begin, so please forgive me if my speech is quite confused.

A little over a month ago, I had to close my online shop in a hurry, leaving only a few words on my Facebook page before getting in my car and driving towards Normandy. Today, I’m back home in the mounts near Lyon, and I just want to take some time to explain to you the reasons for this sudden and unexpected absence.

February has been such a complicated month. It began with the loss of a dear family member, Enguerran, my older brother. He’s always been a discrete but curious reader of this blog, paying attention to everything I can have done, imagined, draw and created… He was the most generous person I’ve ever known, and I really miss him.

The end of the month has been a bit happier, but it was equally intense though. I’ve married the man who shared my life and my journey for eleven years now. He’s my daily partner, and he’s the one responsible for the technical maintenance of my shop, amongst other things. The icing on the cake is that we’re currently preparing for a big move at the beginning of next summer, but it has required going on an additional trip to Paris – I’ll speak to you soon about this project and the changes that will accompany it.

Death, marriage, move. I should have called this article: “How to accumulate some of the most stressful events and experience a thousand diverse and intense emotions each and every minute of each day without knowing when or if things are going to get normal again”. Well, maybe it’s a bit long even for a subtitle, but at least, you got the idea behind.

I won’t talk much more about all of this, but I wanted to make things clear for you, so you can understand why I suddenly had to close the shop like this. By the way, a huge thank you to all of you who left me adorable messages of support. Even if I didn’t find the time to answer to each of them, be assured that I read them all, and there isn’t one that didn’t touch me.

Work in progress

Today, I’m back home, where I found my studio just the way that I left it, several creations patiently waiting on a corner of my desk for the moment when I’ll take care of them. But to be honest, this day probably won’t happen tomorrow or the day after. I’m back in my workshop but my inspiration, my heart, and my dreams have not yet returned to their place.

The Earth didn’t stop spinning with these events, that’s for sure, but my own world has irremediably changed last February, and to just go back to my old ways and routines is not an option for the moment. One step after another, isn’t it? For now, I have a good news for you though: I’ve reopened the shop, and if I don’t want to take any custom orders in the next weeks, I still will be happy to welcome you there.

For now, I’m basically waiting for the muses to come back and settle in my comfy workshop while making it mine again (this means treating myself with a lot of pretty candles, hot beverages, and warm blankets). In the meantime, I just wish that you take care of yourself and those you love ♥